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Who We Are

Diversity Care, a venture of Diversity Care and Accommodations LTD, was established by a highly qualified and experienced nurse with a decade-long background in both private health sectors and the NHS.

Our founder's extensive expertise serves as the cornerstone of Diversity Care, driven by the profound goal of creating a tangible impact in the lives of those with additional needs. Our mission is to empower individuals, reflecting our commitment to making a positive and lasting difference in healthcare.

What We Do

At Diversity Care, we excel at delivering a broad spectrum of homecare services, including specialised support for individuals with complex needs.

Our Domiciliary Care Team is at the forefront, providing dependable and high-quality homecare services for private individuals, local councils, and organizations. Our commitment extends to those with complex needs, and we select support workers with specialized skills to address these intricacies effectively.

Whether it's routine companionship and household assistance or complex medical treatments, our team is equipped to offer tailored care plans to meet diverse needs.

Our flexible packages cater to a range of requirements, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their needs, receive personalized and compassionate care.

Diversity Care guarantees a consistent, appropriate, and deeply rewarding experience for all our clients. With a focus on nursing excellence, we bring comprehensive homecare solutions, bridging the gap between essential support and specialized care for a healthier and more empowered community

What Makes Us Different

At Diversity Care, our size is not a limitation; it's our strength. We're a compact team, allowing us to provide personalised care, yet our impact is substantial.

With genuine passion and enthusiasm driving us, coupled with our agility to swiftly respond and adapt to clients' needs, we are the ultimate one-stop recruitment shop.

Our success story is scripted by our people. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to our most invaluable assets, our team members. Recognition and rewards are not just words; they're a testament to our deep appreciation for the hard work and dedication of each individual. Our core values form the bedrock of everything we do, resonating through the actions of our exceptional team.

United by a background as nurses, our shared experiences infuse our agency with compassion and empathy. This unique foundation shapes our core values and fosters an environment where our team and those under our care flourish.

Together, we celebrate the journey of caring, making it not just a profession but a genuine and rewarding experience for all involved. Our agency is not just a workplace; it's a family, and our collective values create a symphony that makes us truly remarkable.

Our Values

Our core values form the foundation of everything we do. Rooted in the expertise and compassion of our team, our values guide our approach to care and shape the culture of our agency. Here are the principles that define us:

  • Compassionate Excellence: We are committed to delivering care with the highest standards of compassion and excellence, ensuring the wellbeing and dignity of every individual.
  • Respect for Diversity: Recognising and celebrating the diversity of our team and those we serve, fostering an inclusive and culturally competent care environment.
  • Patient-Centered Focus: Our care revolves around the unique needs and preferences of each patient, providing personalised and holistic support.
  • Empathy in Action: We prioritise empathy in all interactions, recognising and understanding the emotions and experiences of those we serve.
  • Advocacy for Wellness: We advocate for holistic wellness, not just treating illness but promoting overall health and quality of life.
  • Empowerment and Support: We empower our team members and those in our care, providing the support needed for personal and professional growth.

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Where We Are Based

Community House, 311 Fore St, London, N9 OPZ

Diversity Care is a domiciliary care and transport provider based in North London.